Friday, August 24, 2007

The New Weight Loss Craze, Hoodia

Millions and millions of Americans suffer from obesity and most Americans continually look for ways to combat the ever increasing obesity rate in the United States. From this has sprung a revolutionary new weight loss supplement called Hoodia. Hoodia is a cactus looking plant that grows only wild in South Africa and has been used there for years as an appetite suppressant. Only recently has it made its way and infamy to the United States and when it did it was an instant star. Hoodia's natural botanical ability to suppress a person's appetite, therefore promoting weight loss has formed quite a following among users in the US. There are more and more "fakes" and watered down products showing up on the market every day. However, with the phenomenon that it has created, I can not believe that this comes as a surprise to anyone. Hoodia is sweeping the nation as the newest and currently strongest defense against obesity.

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