Thursday, August 30, 2007

Reading With Your Kids

Everyone knows the importance of reading with their child and their child reading for at least 20 minutes per day. This is nothing new. However, when you get to a point when you have five kids going in five different directions and seven billion things to do all at one time, where in the world could you possibly find the time to read to each of your kids for 20 minutes per day? It is a bit overwhelming.

Well I have found a nearly fool proof plan to read to all my kids every night, without boring the older ones with the kiddie books and not loosing the little ones interest with the huge chapter books.

Every night, we sit down as a family, 20 minutes before bedtime and read books, as a family. I will read some, the older kids will read some and I will whisper the words in to the ears of the little ones so they can "read" as well. We will read a short chapter book to keep the older ones interested and then when it is done, we will read a few kiddie books.

This has worked tremendously in our family. It has increased my children's AR levels by 3+ grades and it gives us time together, regardless of what is going on. Even if we get home late, rather than rushing everyone off to bed, what's another 20 minutes? They all get ready for bed and assemble in the living room for reading adventures.

I love that while the older kids will read, they also still get read to, which is something that gets lost all to often once a child learns to read for themselves. I sincerely hope that you are taking the time to read to your child/children and are able to experience the amazing growth and bonding that can come with that. Happy Reading!

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